Our Story


My name is Gaby and I'm the creator of Melancholy.

Melancholy began after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 17. After surgery and multiple rounds of radiation, my depression was at the lowest point it had ever been. It felt like I was fighting for my life against two very daunting forces. The idea for Melancholy came about when I began being honest to myself and others about my own struggle with depression. It took a while to learn how to love myself with these struggles, and I want to encourage others in their journey of self-love and striving towards a path of better mental health.


On November 30th 2017, I was declared cancer free, and have been in remission ever since. Although mental illness is something that could possibly be a lifelong journey for me, I’m always trying to remain positive and take care of myself. Between coming up with new designs and products, interacting with you on social media, and talking to you all at tabling events, it’s clear to me that Melancholy is more than a brand. I’m grateful for everyone who finds comfort in Melancholy. I do, too. 

Melancholy hopes to advocate for self-love, mental health awareness, and personal growth in its many forms. To me, this means promoting inclusiveness and diversity also. Melancholy represents those who are currently on a mental health journey, those who wants to show support with people who are, and anyone who values self-love and personal growth. Each day we have a choice to try again. Thank you for being here. 


I hope today treats you kindly.