Screen Print and Sip Party Booking

This is a new business venture that Melancholy is expanding into. The concept is similar to paint and sip parties but instead, it is screen printing and sip! These would be BYOB and bring your own snacks or food.

- Per person $45

Experience includes:
- A design that you can provide to be made onto a screen and prepared for printing or a design that Melancholy / a local artist provides. (Must be a one color design)
- 2 T-shirts per person
- A premium experience with a local small business owner and screen printer who will walk you through the process of making your own shirt

- Respect the space we are in please
- Clean up after yourself and guests
- Be mindful of how much you are drinking and if you need a driver
- Do not venture out into the other spaces that belong to other artists
- Respect the equipment

When you book, you will book through Meetfox. (Click on the hyperlink and it will open a new tab for you to schedule)

I look forward to this new business venture (: